OK, I just took delivery of my brand new 07 997 turbo, latest in line of Porsche for me, 2 Turbo Cayenne as well. Car looks good, white, black mirrors, white rockers, lip, etc. Had it parked in front of my restaurant in Jacksonville, FL. (Subway). So, I have Porsche on the brain..would explain why I noticed the following..... 

I was at a meeting in the office behind my Subway, came back into the store from the rear. In my lobby is roughly a dozen or so German Porsche guys..eating subs. I looked past them, and in the lobby is about 10 or more Cayenne's...not looking like any I had seen... and they all had MFG tags on them. Most had big antenna on them, computer cables, etc. Tons of vinyl (sp?) trying to cover the new parts up. Yup, I had a herd of 2008, and yes, 2009 prototype Cayennes' there. I said hi to my guests, and told them I knew what they were up to. THey were nice enough, kind of quiet, and asked if it was my turbo...I told them it was, my 7th, etc, etc. Then, they stayed, I left. I called my dealer, and they told me they did not know they were in town (not that they would anyhow). I went over to the herd and took some great pics. (Cell phone pics, and it was raining, but to date, the best I have seen). SEVERAL new rear ends, some wild body effects on some of them, lots of the fake VOLVO looking tail lights, fake front lights (all decal). Interior looked identical to my past Cayenne. 

One guy came out, asked me not to take any (more) pics, which I complied with. He asked how I liked my turbo, I said I loved it , except the no ipod or satellite radio... Nice enough guys, but pretty quiet. Told me about the new ones, one was actually a 2009 mule, some had onely one seat in them, tons of gear too. Finally, they then all mounted up and left. Anyhow, here are the pics. I think they are a scoop, at least for me. The new headlights are spectacular! My dealer, Brumos, here in Jacksonville, said they are already taking orders! (904)7241080, Ray, Bob, or Paul.. not a salesman, just a happy customer. 

Hope you enjoy..I know I did! I will post these in all the appropriate sites. More, higher res pics w/out watermark available..just email me if you want to see.

I have more pics, without watermark, and higher res.. if needed, email me direct. samy@syncinc.net


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