SPYSHOTS!! 2008 and 2009 Cayenne in my parking lot (10 of them at least!)

Some of my past & current cars. I know this much time and money invested in cars might seem ridiculous to some, but I don't hunt, drink, fish, golf, travel, shop, or for that matter, do much of anything but work...so a sports car addiction is not too bad; could be worse. Special thanks to my favorite dealers, BRUMOS, and Joe, Ryan, Cody, and all the guys at my office for making these cars get tricked out the way I like them. Newest Cars are usually on the bottom of the page (but not always..working on it being oldest to newest, but have not figured that out yet). Thanks! SAM.

For the best NSX info, goto NSXPRIME, for Z06 Corvette,  and for Porsche, 6speedonline.com. They all are fantastic sources of info on all these cars.

Sam's Cars

(rest to be posted soon...check back please)

Z06 - w/ black roof & stereo done

perfect color match.....

knob is for JL Audio CleanSweep, and switch for is for exhaust....

first 996 period... what a car!!

my first turbo... didn't black it out except wheels

x50 996 turbo.....black wheels were too much...didnt have long

power coated techart wheels black...this is how she sits now... This is my 2nd exact same Cayenne TT..traded on, missed it the day I got rid of it

my current NSX, replaced the red one behind it..... white car is full comptech, and my fastest ever NSX...#7

daily work truck...no black mirrors yet :)

Only factory wing ever ordered on a 360 in the US

2003 Ferrari 360 F1 - Tour De France Blue

FOR SALE - see bottom of page

Money shot...my favorite view, other than from behind the wheel

Notice the clear lens in sidemakers, body colored front lip, black mirrors


OEM wheels..next week, all the grey painted area will be painted gloss black to match mirrors.

added front/rear escort laser-radar - will be lightly tinted next week


over 600hp when I was done with it :)

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